5th Annual Jerky Title Win

This just in: Keeno's Jerky's Kickin' T-Bone took runner-up honors in the 5th Annual WORLD JERKY CONTEST! The contest is sponsored by Peppers and More, which rates and reviews all things spicy, hot and flavorful. Entries were submitted world-wide and could not include packaging, so as to make the contest fair for mega-manufacturers and do-it-yourselfers alike.

We are extremely pleased with this announcement, especially considering that we did not submit a "hot" jerky flavor. Our Kickin' T-bone transcends being labeled hot or mild, and goes right straight to ADDICTING!
The winning jerky was a Habanero Pepper based Bison Jerky. * Texas jerky makers are prohibited from making jerky with Bison for resale, making this a sweeter win!

The editor of Peppers and More writes:
"I want to mention that the second place winner was http://keenosjerky.com/. This is a jerky that needs to be mentioned. If not for being blown away by the (Habanero Bison) winning jerky, this is a jerky that would have been a clear winner. These guys have a wide selection of jerky that needs to be tried".
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