Big Daddy Fahrenheit Review

Coming to you straight out of Witchita Falls Texas, Is a Company coming to light and paving the road for some GREAT beef jerky. Gary Keeney CEO, of Keeno’s Steakhouse Jerky was kind enough to send me 5 bags of a few different jerky’s they make
- Kickin’ T-Bone
-Terrible Tuesday
-Blazin’ Honey
-Hold On To Yer Hat
-Skull and Crossbones
The great thing I like about this company is they have a mission to help out as many youth ministries as possible and a portion of their proceeds go to those ministries. The other thing I like is they have more than just BEEF jerky, they have exotic jerky as well which I’d love to try. Keeno’s delectable jerky is made from the best cut of Bottom Round and seasoned to rival the best steakhouses in Texas… OH YEAH! So lets break into this review y’all
The Kickin’ T-Bone is their #! seller and winner in every competition they have entered and I see why. When I first opened the bag the first thing that entered my mind was man am I in for a treat the loving smell of smokey mesquite hit my nose so I dug in. This jerky is very soft and chewy as jerky should be. It has a salty smokey flavor to it that I can describe like no other, and is by far probably the BEST JERKY I have had to date. With no heat this would be the perfect jerky for anyone from kids to old folks to enjoy. So pick up the phone dial (940)249-1982 and give Keeno’s a call for your order, or visit them at


Big Daddy Fahrenheit

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