Big Daddy Fahrenheit "Terrible Tuesday" Review

Lets get this thing started on a Wednesday following a Terrible Tuesday out of Texas. In 1979 an F5 tornado ripped through their town and flattened it, and flavored with Ghost pepper, Keeno’s Steakhouse Jerky named this great product after it. Now when you first open this Jerky you will get a wave of what seems to remind me of a mesquite or hickory, short lived to be followed by the raveging smell of Ghost pepper. Terrible Tuesday has an excellent texture. If you like or love the taste of Ghost pepper than this is your jerky, while not extremely hot, you get some heat from this 900k Scoville pepper and can still enjoy it. All in all I would rate the heat on this baby at about a 2.5 (for my taste) on a scale from 1 to 10.
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